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Introducing Priiv

Your Personal Privacy Manager


A Clear Path

Discover exactly what you need to do to dramatically improve your privacy.


A Personalized Goal

Your life and needs are unique. Priiv focuses on your needs and priorities.


Dramatic Results

Stop your data from getting into the wrong hands, and reduce the risks you face.

Priiv makes Privacy Easy

With a personalized solution that protects and secures your life.


Learn your PrivacyScore

Get your PrivacyScore and the goal that's right for your lifestyle.

Follow your PrivacyPath

The specific steps you should take, with details and video examples.

Get your PrivacyTools

A curated list of the best apps and services to protect your digital life.

Why Privacy Matters

Active protection can protect you from five kinds of harm and damage.

  • Personal Risk
    Embarrassment or Self-censorship
  • Financial Risk
    Economic Loss or Identity Theft
  • Commercial Risk
    Targeting or Manipulation
  • Political Risk
    Oppression or Mistreatment
  • Physical Risk
    Harm or Harassment

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